Daily production of 12.000 kg on our 19.000 m² area!

Raşel Örme, whose production facility has an area of 19.000 m² and is located in Bursa Minarelicavus BTSO Organized Industrial Zone, has a daily production of 12.000 kg of cotton, viscose, acrylic, polyester, fancy fabrics. We produce mainly women’s wear, evening dresses, mesh fabrics, tulle and lined fabrics, as well as fancy knit fabrics, on jacquard, weft and raschel machines.

With the equipment investments we have made every year, we are producing at world standards with 75 raschel knitting machines. We carry our women’s wear fabrics, which we produce and carefully prepare by utilizing high technology opportunities, to 21 countries. We export 70% of our production to 21 European and Arab countries, mainly France, Italy, Spain, England, Belgium and the Netherlands. We are opening our doors to the World with our collections, which are renewed every year.

As Raşel Örme, we closely follow sectoral developments and adapt to World trends with our high-tech equipment in our production facilities. We transfer our nearly 40 years of experience to flawless production and customer satisfaction.

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We continue our production life, which we started as a small business in Bursa in 1983, as the leading brand of its field under the leadership of Fedahi EVIRGEN. We provide world-class service quality with the new breath we bring to the textile industry.

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NOSAB Meşe Cad. No:14 16145 Nilüfer BURSA
Telefon: 0 (224) 244 67 85
Email: info@raselorme.com.tr

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