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In our process from recycling to production, we produce our fabrics from recycled yarns without harming the nature in order to prevent plastic waste from mixing with nature and putting our future at risk. We reflect the inspiration we get from nature to our fabrics with our sustainability policy.

Although disposable products make our daily life easier and provide hygiene, unfortunately they do not provide the same contribution to our nature, so we believe that we need to build our future as of today in order to make it healtier. As Raşel Örme, we are aware of our responsibility and we are writing a new story for plastics with yarns produced from recycling. 

By incorporating tons of recycled plastic into our production, we contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and thus we let nature to breath. Our fabrics, which we produce in various colors and patterns, are both admired and conquering hearts with the contribution they provide to nature. We are producing quality and sustainable fabrics with the moves we have made in order to make our future more livable.


GOTS, which includes both environmental and social criteria, protecting the raw material, the place of work and even the rights of people employed, covers the provision of the necessary conditions to protect the organic status of the product from the harvest of the raw materials to the labeling. As a GOTS certified company, we continue to develop our responsible production approach.

Thanks to the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certificate, the content of recycled materials is monitored and verified throughout the supply chain up to the final product, including processing, production, packaging, labeling and distribution of products. We carry out fully traceable production with GRS.

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is a Swedish non-commercial council created in 2005 to enable millions of farmers around the World to produce cotton in healthier conditions. In cooperation with the cotton supply chain and related stakeholders, it aims to make global cotton production environmentally, socially and economically sustainable and to spread this production quality to the whole World in the long term. We also make production from quality cotton with our BCI certificate.  

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We continue our production life, which we started as a small business in Bursa in 1983, as the leading brand of its field under the leadership of Fedahi EVIRGEN. We provide world-class service quality with the new breath we bring to the textile industry.

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